This is a virtual professional training programme covering a wide selection of general acquaintance in various topics of International Trade Law and E-commerce law.

Programme objective
  • Achieve enhancement of knowledge by familiarising you with the basic concepts of e-commerce.
  • Sustain actionable and practical skills allowing you to apply specific methods of resolving disputes in electronic contracts. Furthermore, introducing you to cryptocurrencies on how to carry out electronic income tax transactions and transfer.
  • Gain global insights – through reviewing and examining real case studies. Challenging your current knowledge and enabling you to gain new perspectives in criminal proceedings in e-commerce.
Course Modules

1-Fundamentals of E-Commerce Law

2-Settlement of disputes

3-CryptoAssets and taxes

4-E-Commerce Criminal Law

Who should attend?

The International Trade Law and E-Commerce Law is designed for the chief executive officer, Chief Operation Officers, Chief Financial Officers and Heads of divisions, Merchants and business owners or other major business units within the private or public sectors. Also lawyers and businessmen and all those interested in international trade law issues.

Method of Course Delivery

This course will be held online in the Persian Language.


Upon completion of the programme, you will receive a Certificate of Attendance from the Oxford International Collaboration Centre (OICC) and Azad University (IR) in Oxford. 


The registration fee For Persian speakers living in Iran or Afghanistan is £315 (100 Million Iranian Rial), and for Persian speakers who live in other countries equivalent to £625. Fees include course Materials, tuition, and certification.
An exceptional discount of 15% is offered to applicants Who register as a group (+5), kindly send an email to for the payment arrangements.

You can get more information by contacting the course co-ordinator, Dr Behrouz Javanmard, at

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