Through our network, we help small and medium-sized companies to create a collaborative relationship with like-minded companies in the UK and around the world to enhance their trading and presence in the market.

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Training Consultancy

We help individuals, companies, and organisations to identify the right professional training for their needs. Whether the training is required for promotion or enhancing expertise, the OICC will suggest an appropriate toolkit you need to certify your skills.

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We offer annual membership affiliation to individuals and organisations who are attending our training programmes. This enables them to stay in touch with us and get benefit from our discounted rates for our services. Also, receive news and updates on recent development in the market.

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Project Management

The OICC can help organisations to design, manage, and implement a range of short to medium term projects to achieve pre-defined objectives. Our qualified consultants and partners can bring their experience and expertise to work alongside you to ensure the success of each project within a specific time framework.

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