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We can design and deliver a course on your premises. Our courses enable you to offer training to a larger number of your employees without them requiring to travel. This might be a more cost-effective solution for you. In-house training courses are centred around your exact requirements and based upon your training needs. They are usually running between 3-5 days.


OICC in-house training program:

There has been an increasing demand from clients to organise In-house or Onsite training in a wide range of topics including Management Programmes. To this end, we now offer in-house training programs that are structured to help organisations to upskill their workforce. The training programmes are a guaranteed way of rectifying shortcomings in your business. OICC have an expert team of trainers, who are flexible to travel to your workplace and train your employees with advanced methods and strategies in required areas. The training period depends on the client’s requirements. However, in general, we suggest 3-5 days for an intensive training course. 


Why choose OICC in-house training?

  • Training Cost saving– the cost per delegate is typically less when compared to sending the same number on to public training courses.
  • Travel Cost saving– no need for employees to travel any further than their offices and incur extra costs.
  • More specific– generally running a course for a single client allows the training to focus on specific items that are causing issues within the business.
  • Customised training– Getting a group together allows all of the training and learning to be focused on the company and can discuss real and current examples.
  • Convenience– fit around the working schedule of the staff and at a location, they come to every day!
  • Team Building– a room full of delegates from different departments can encourage greater teamwork, awareness and understanding of each other’s role.