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Excellence in your career, opportunities to grow, promotions, appreciations, freedom to explore creative ideas and supportive colleagues – all this would constitute an ideal career.

All these are on the wish list of anyone looking for a good professional career or business. While this is an ideal situation, this may not be possible everywhere. So how do you ensure that you convert every opportunity into success for you, take every opportunity to excel, get your hard work noticed and get promoted?

How do you manage teams, staff, and build a healthy working environment?

The answer to all these questions is right here at the OICC – Oxford International Collaboration Center. OICC offers a wide range of short courses such as business management and leadership programmes. With these courses, you can gain skills which will help you manage and lead your team and in turn will help you achieve excellence and climb the ladder to a successful career.

Handling business and managing a team requires lots of experience and a grip over individual skill sets. Communication skills have a huge influence on your career growth. Also, effective use of these skills requires continued practice.

Let’s have a look at how a leader can use his business management and leadership skills to succeed at his/her work:

Firstly, listening to others makes a huge difference in your individuality. Not only you will get to know about others’ thought process but also it gives you time to analyse what you know or you don’t know. Sometimes, this plays a major role in making important decisions within a business and/or at a personal level.

Managing a team also requires great bonding between team members. Listening to your team members will make them more confident in finding new ideas and boosting up their competing attitude which ultimately favours your business. In addition, improving your judgement skill will be your primary benefit.

Motivating your team with your words will always pay you back. It will make you earn respect from your team members which in turn will create loyalty.  Encouraging your teammates will bring about more quality work by them.

Finally, stay calm while handling any stress full situation and avoid panicking at all costs. This will be a learning lesson for your team.


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